"The oblique narrative descriptions in this album are told through the song titles, and left to the mind of the beholder as to the actual design of the story, allowing the listener to create their own story in their mind, and with the deft hands of the composer, Planet Supreme have created a great, stalwart addition to the sci-fi soundscape genre.", Review (Monsters, madness and Magic).

"A spaced-out synth odyssey that infiltrates the human psyche for a long immersive and neuronal-astral voyage to the confines, visiting alien worlds and colonies, menacing landscapes.", Review (Igloo Magazine).

"This years best dark ambient album...", Blogger (482 MHz).

"Planet Supreme Shows Us Kingdoms of Alien Grandeur in 'Creation of a Star'",  Review (Monsters, madness and Magic).

"The album and artist names both embody a very apt sense of vastness, as this is also aligned with the feelings evoked by the music itself. Warm sci-fi tones, sweeps, and drones, create impressions of large expanses, gigantic mega-structures, and technology sculpting the worlds it reaches.",  Review (Casey Douglass).

"As for 'Creation Of A Star', it is a stunning release that will surely stand the test of time",   Review (The dungeon in deep space).

"There is a purity to the sounds chosen too, meaning the combinations seem organic, and almost real to what you may feel you are experiencing. It feels that everything is carefully thought out, and that you are in safe hands here. There are no pieces that don't quite fit, or grating sounds that will irritate after a while. An amazing achievement considering this is the debut album.",  Review (Release music magazine).

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